The author of the Asian Journal of Health Research article is not charged an article submission fee. Authors who pass publication are exempt from article processing fees (editing, reviewing, publishing)/Free Article Processing Charges (APCs) for Volume 1 No 1 (April) 2022 and Volume 1 No 2 (August) 2022. However, to improve the quality of electronic journal management and the quality of articles published through the Asian Journal of Health Research, starting in Volume 1 No 3 (December) 2022, the author is charged an article processing fee.

Article Submission: 0.00 (IDR)
Asian Journal of Health Research does not charge the author for the submission process.

Article Publication: 750.000 (IDR)
Asian Journal of Health Research charges the author a publication fee amounting to IDR 750.000 (Indonesian author) or USD 75 (non-Indonesian author) for each manuscript published in the journal. 

When an accepted manuscript has been proofread by authors, Asian Journal Health Research will send a Letter of Acceptance (LOA) and Invoice to the corresponding author for processing to continue the next publication stage.